Flexible Aluminum Transition Strip are popular in commercial buildings for many reasons. Firstly, they are the least expensive of any metal transition strip, They are also durable, and you can typically find an aluminum transition strip that would work for any specification and shape.

Flexible Aluminum Transition Strip is a two piece,screw-on aluminium floor cover profile that allows safe transition for flooring of same height such as wood,laminate and ceramic tiles.This extra slim junction profile has a top and base that are joined together by a linking screw which allows the profile to accomodate various heights from 7-15mm.This screw type aluminium profile allows room for expansion of natural floor coverings whilst offering greater flexibility in height options.The extra-flat design in combination with the extremely stable construction of the screw-on fastening system make this an exceptional profile system.The base should fixed using adhesive and screw fixings.The transition cover profile is suitable for interior use in domestic and medium traffic applications such as offices and restaurants.

Flexible Aluminum Transition Strip is a same level threshold strip with concealed or invisible fixing,comprising a two piece profile system consisting of an aluminium cover and plastic plugs. The flat door threshold strip is used as a joining strip between same height flooring such as laminates ,tiles and wood flooring.
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