Rogge would never have hesitated if he could put the name of killing on his back. It's just that none of his men are so responsible. Of all the people who had followed him, only Charles had this talent, but unfortunately he had died in battle. Rogge suddenly felt his hands wet and greasy, as if they were covered with blood that had not yet completely solidified. He raised his right hand and watched carefully. The hand was white and clean, spotless, completely unstained, and did not look like a powerful hand. But as soon as the fat man closed his eyes, he would see that his hands were full of dark red sticky liquid. But you need a soul. Rogge thought. Somehow, at this moment, all his inner and true thoughts surfaced and were magnified thousands of times. Since she needs it, and since no one can help me, I'll kill it myself. He closed his eyes, licked the tip of his tongue, and smiled at the corners of his mouth. It's like tasting blood. Click! In a gloomy basement, the crystal ball placed in the central altar suddenly cracked, and the image of Rogge inside shook violently, twisted a few times and disappeared. Then large streams of blood poured out of the broken crystal ball crazily, and in a twinkling of an eye,push button toilet flush valve, the snow-white altar was dyed bright red! A wizard wrapped in a black robe staggered a few steps and fell headlong on the altar. The mage struggled to hold up his upper body, avoiding the blood gushing from the cracks in the crystal ball like a spring. In dodging, he knocked his hood askew, revealing half of his face. Look at the beautiful outline, delicate skin and purple and black lips, it should be a very beautiful woman. Only the blood that flowed from the corners of her mouth was a strange purple blue. The sorceress finally stood up straight and wiped the blood from her lips with the sleeve of her robe. Surprisingly,Self-closing Faucet, from the flutter of her cuffs, it was not the slender fingers of the Terran beauty that came out, but several dancing tentacles. How can his mental strength be so strong? I just tried to guide his emotions, but even the dark blood crystal could not withstand the mental shock and fluctuation, which was his unconscious shock. If it's a full counterattack. The sorceress's voice was deep and husky, with a strange beauty. But in the middle of her speech, she was interrupted by a violent cough. There was a terrible creak in the corner of the basement, which sounded like laughter. Then the voice said, "I told you not to try to touch his soul.". Ha-ha, did you suffer a lot? You spiritualists are so arrogant! Hum, how many years have you been a soul guide, and you also want to touch his soul? Your mentor is more like it! The picture can't be uploaded. Damn it, I'll type it out myself. Hope everyone!!! "Shut up, Time Delay Faucet ,Flush Retrofit Kit," said the lg200303 sorceress ferociously! If I can't touch his soul, can't I deal with you? I can put out the faint fire of your soul! The voice in the corner laughed a few more times and then said, "How real is the world you see in your shallow eyes?"? I won't bully you because you are so pitiful now. When your magic is fully restored, if you are willing to test the strength of my soul, you are always welcome! In fact, I still say that your tutor is more like it! The sorceress was so angry that her robe made waves, but in the end she just dropped a vicious sentence: "You will pay for your rudeness!" "Although the younger ones are arrogant and ignorant guys, but for the sake of you coming here is not easy, I still want to warn you, it is better not to try to do anything to him.". I've been watching him for a long time. But instinct tells me never to approach him. "Coward!" The sorceress spat. She drew a merciless laugh: "He is the princess's choice!"! The princess's eyes are better than your kind, aren't they? The sorceress was speechless for a moment. Then she said bitterly, "Why can't I see where he is strong?" Look at the blood on your sleeve! You will know where he is strong! Rogue was unaware of what was happening in the dark. He was just immersed in his emotions until he came to his senses in front of the palace in the imperial capital.
Robeski followed Rogge all the way, looking around and saying, "Lord Rogge, your royal palace.." It seems a little shabby! "It's just an occasional stay. There's no need to bother about it." Rogge went forward with his hands on his back, and he was very quiet. But that's not the case, my Lord. You are now in a very unusual position. I think in the imperial politics, besides Alexander, Pompey and Straw, you are the next one. When you return to the capital with such military achievements, there will be officials of all sizes to show their loyalty to you. Of course, these people cannot be as unconditionally loyal as I am, and if they see your house so shabby, they will probably feel a little shaken. Although unfaithful people can only be used when they are useful, they can not be recruited by others. What's more, I've heard that Pompey, Straw and other people's palaces in the imperial capital are resplendent in gold and jade, magnificent in luxury and magnificent in atmosphere. You live so simply, aren't you accusing them of extravagance in disguise? Slightly surprised, Rogge looked at Robeski sideways and said, "You know a lot!" Under Rogge's eyes, Robeski began to tremble somehow, and his lips turned gray: "My Lord!"! Little people have been studying the political situation in the north, all in order to survive! Think about it, all the little people.. When the little man followed you, when did he get up. Have you ever had a second heart? Rogge laughed and said, "Why are you afraid of that?"! You have a point, too. Yes, it's a bit shabby here, but it's too troublesome to change places. From tomorrow,Urinal Manual Flush Valve, you will be responsible for repairing it well. Robeski was overjoyed. Civil engineering has always been a lucrative job, and it is also the most direct and convenient job to please Rogge. Rogge waved back Robeski and went into the study alone to sit and meditate. It was not until the evening that he called in the guard and ordered, "Go and inform Master Rockefeller of the Holy Church that I would like to visit him at the Cathedral of the Holy Church and let him see what time is convenient." Thanks to all the book friends for their support. Say 。 t。 Xt-Tian/Tang. cnkexin.com

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