Do you have a patio or garden in your house? Then a comfortable chair will be necessary. Rattan is a type of climbing or trailing vine-like palm native to the tropical jungles of Asia, Malaysia, and China. One of the largest sources has been the Philippines. Rattan can be identified by its tough, solid stems that vary from 1 to 2 inches in diameter and its vines, which grow as long as 200 to 500 feet.

When rattan is harvested, it is cut into 13-foot lengths, and the dry sheathing is removed. Its stems are dried in the sun and then stored for seasoning. Then, these long rattan poles are straightened, graded by diameter and quality (judged by its nodes; the fewer internodes, the better), and shipped to furniture manufacturers. Rattan's outer bark is used for caning, while its inner reed-like section is used to weave wicker furniture. Wicker is the weaving process, not an actual plant or material. Introduced to the West during the early 19th century, rattan has become the standard material for caning. Its strength and ease of manipulation (manipulability) have made it one of the most popular of the many natural materials used in wickerwork.
The earthy, yet structured style of Rattan Chair or Outdoor Rattan Chair feels totally fresh again, just in time for the warmer months. Laze your summer days away in this outdoor-safe rocking chair. Constructed of sturdy resin over a powder-coated steel frame, its wicker weave adds a classic look to your front porch, while remaining incredibly supportive. The synthetic rattan material won't degrade or wear down with time, and it can even be wiped down with your household cleaner of choice, if necessary.
Excpet for rattan chair, Outdoor Fabric Chair or Oxford Cloth Chair is also a great choice. A modern style folding chair made of oxford cloth with aluminium alloy support can bring a warn feeling for your patio. The exterior design is simple. The chair is made of Oxford cloth, which has anti tearing characteristics. The bracket is made of aluminum alloy, which can resist oxidation and has stronger bearing capacity. In the details, we use anti-skid plastic cover and plastic buckle to ensure the stability of the chair and prevent it from falling. The design can bring a comfortable experience.
With a chair, of course a table is also essential. Outdoor Table and Iron Table are both suitable for a leisure time. Also there are other Outdoor Furniture like Outdoor Sofa and Outdoor Dining Set for you to choose from.
When it comes to furniture, everyone thinks of home sofas, beds, TV cabinets, etc., but not all furniture is used indoors or in houses, and some are used outdoors. For example, the current houses with courtyards, households with very large balconies, single-family villas with good conditions, and some hotel entertainment venues will have outdoor facilities and outdoor furniture in the courtyards and outdoors, generally when people are more leisure.
Sofas are generally for friends who have a balcony. In fact, it is a good choice to put a relaxing sofa on the balcony. You can lie down on the sofa to rest or sit and chat with friends to see the outdoor scenery. It's a very comfortable life.
There are also many materials used in outdoor sofas. Some are made of aluminum alloy and painted on the surface, while others are hand-woven, using an environmentally friendly rattan, which looks elegant and stylish.
Life is an art, and pursuit is even more enjoyable. Place some tables and chairs outdoors, so that friends and family can drink tea and chat together when they come. Is it very warm in this elegant environment? In different environments and places, people will choose tables and chairs of different materials, such as wooden, wrought iron, woven, or marble. However, in outdoor places, people generally choose marble or plastic materials, because these materials are more waterproof and not afraid of rain and snow.

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