"The little one just heard the gentleman say that he was not feeling well and would see the doctor after all, but didn't the Heavenly Maiden bless the world?"? As a national teacher, don't you believe in the Heavenly Maiden? I don't want to speak to the month, believe or not, in fact, it doesn't matter to him, he is willing to bear the status of the national teacher, because the world believes in him, also believe that I am the reincarnation of the goddess, he also knows that the power of faith sometimes even surpasses the military forces and fighters, he is willing to resist this responsibility for me, silently pay for me, the national teacher or the magic stick. Did he ever care? He just smiled softly, but did not answer my question. "Do you believe it or not?" "Letter!" I gave an exaggerated cry, "Of course!" Holding my fingers, "There are many incantations circulating in my hometown, which are said to be handed down by Tiannu's words, such as praying for peace and happiness, family harmony, children and grandchildren, as well as those who are separated and hope for reunion, and those who are seriously ill and hope to wake up.." Spying on him carefully all the time, when I said that I hoped to wake up from a serious illness, I sensitively caught a flash of brilliance in his eyes. It's just that he, who is tranquil by nature, just fanned his long eyelashes without saying a word, which makes me embarrassed and unable to go on. Heart a wry smile,x52 line pipe, meet indifferent he seems to be different from the naive Ruoshui, at least he did not order to leave, I can not understand that he actually wants to listen to it? I looked at him gesticulating, foaming at the mouth: "You don't believe it. There are some things that can't be explained. For example, when I was a child, there was a family in the village. The husband gave birth to a child, but the result was dystocia. The child was born, but the husband was lying in bed and unconscious all the time. Later, the wife held her husband's hand every day and said this sentence. After a few days,x60 line pipe, the husband actually woke up." So this must be useful. He smiled, "Maybe the husband was in a coma for a few days, and he woke up naturally after his physical cultivation." The two sentences of light wind and light clouds seem not to take my words seriously. I shrugged my shoulders and said carelessly, "Anyway, it's a rumor. Believe it or not, I just say a word to my lover. It's not laborious, it's not laborious, and there's no loss if I don't succeed. If I succeed, wouldn't it be a good thing?" Seeing his thoughtful look, I suddenly handed him my hand. "I said a lot of rude words, but it polluted your ears. The little one stepped down." He took to his heels and went to the layman. Step by step, I am slowly shaking, my heart is constantly shouting, leave me.. Seeing that I was about to step out of the door, all my hopes turned into deep disappointment. This month, I refused to ask even a word? "Wait.." The clear male voice behind me made me stop quickly, and I rolled back like a strong wind passing through. Hala's face said, "Do you have any orders?" Gentle smile has not changed, seems not to care: "I wonder what your spell, 321 stainless steel sheet ,x56 line pipe, never heard of such a magical thing." "It's very simple." I opened my mouth wide and said, "I love you". " "What is this?" He frowned, wondering what strange sound I was talking about. I love you! With a pure and innocent face, I deliberately slowed down and made a sound word by word again. You are a cold dead old man, Yin I, I can also play, is not a I love you, I lie back, you dare to say I love you is not I love you? Moisturized lips gently opened, some difficult to spit out the sound: "Hey..." I stared at the big and small eyes, nervous bar head in front of him, mouth can not help but follow his movements to do the mouth, listening to his difficult to learn my voice just now: "Buddha.." Just one sound, just one sound, it will be successful immediately, the horse will be successful, this time no one will disturb, I will go back, I will finish the task soon. "What strange force confuses the God's thing, but also the incantation, has the incantation to let you become like person appearance?" The cold voice came mercilessly from behind the tree, acerbic. Who's shouting? Come out dead! Angrily, I roared hoarsely.
I am angry, really angry, why, why every time when I am about to succeed, someone will disturb me, I just ignited a small flame of hope, so mercilessly blown out. Who do you want to die? "The green shadow flashes, the golden hair is windless and automatic, like the feathers of a phoenix, the flame of passion, the green spring water is quiet and bottomless, the interweaving of ice and fire is always the most shining light, the slender legs step by step into, the steady footsteps like stepping on my heart, with a cold breath, embracing my breath, my Shura King, my Lingxiao.". Yes, that tone of voice, that tone of voice, who else would there be besides Ling Xiao? I was nervous about Yueyue's words and was disturbed to speak evil words directly. My subconscious reaction made me have no time to think carefully about who the familiar voice came from. I've seen Mei Shijun! Step back subconsciously, pull away from him, and make a sound, feeling that in his eyes, his whole body is stiff like iron. Uh-huh He tilted his head and swept me. "The bodyguard is not allowed to approach you alone. Do you want to be pulled out and cut down?" Okay, I admit, I miss him, but I, very, very, very have a headache with his tone. I'd rather he just ignore me and be treated like the other guards. Lan Shijun is a national teacher. Is it wrong for Xiaomin and I to ask the national teacher to bless us? The face is submissive, the mouth also said respectfully, but the meaning of the words, the same is not good gas. Who told him to spoil my plan? Who told him to kill the joy of my coming? Who told me to speak to me in a tone that was neither salty nor light, neither cold nor hot. If you just ask for a blessing, you can go to the temple and wait. It's the law of the country. To break into the'Ao Lan Dian 'without permission is to tarnish the reputation of the Orchid Lord. For the sake of your filial piety,316l stainless steel pipe, you can forgive your crime of overstepping your authority, but you seem to be deceiving the public. The blue eyes shot two cold arrows, which made me tremble all over. I suddenly raised my head. "The world is so big that there are all kinds of strange things. How do you know what I said must be unreasonable?" 。

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