Every piece of furniture had to be carried by two people, two small chairs had to be carried by one person, and there were almost twenty people who sent the dowry alone, so they had to sit at two tables. Plus the men and women to see off the guests, generally the mother's family will have four tables. If there is no dowry, two tables will do. The "little old mother" has only one son, and the "money to get off the bus" for her daughter-in-law is the highest standard. Sixty-six is fast, and the two children are also six yuan. In her words, it is just for a smooth ride. The new daughter-in-law is Wang Lanzhi. She is tall and strong, otherwise she can't join the "Iron Girl" commando team. She has a bright personality. Everybody says: "The daughter-in-law of 'little old mother' is to be found, Niang two same disposition, not be stature difference much, still think is close Niang two that." Who knows, on the second day of marriage, the two of them had a quarrel. They all have a straightforward character, and no one will let anyone, which makes the two men of Handeku very depressed. "Senior Three" did not guard the door on the mouth, say: "The geomantic omen of my home is bad, advocate mother-in-law and daughter-in-law are not harmonious. In fact, just a little thing, "little old mother" will pass, the next day ready to eat leftovers, Wang Lanzhi did not want to eat, but did not say no, just want to eat some soy beans. "Little old mother" muttered a sentence: "Put the meat not to eat soy beans,warehouse pallet racks, born of poverty. When Wang Lanzhi heard this, she quit and said loudly, "I'm not greedy or lazy. You won't let me eat a bean in soy sauce.". My family is poor, and I didn't hide it. You asked someone to run several times, and you had to get married. What do you mean if you think I'm poor again at this time? The "little old mother" felt that she had lost face, and the heat was poured cold water on her head, and she was wronged. I'm begging to marry you back, but I'm marrying a daughter-in-law, not a grandmother. I don't eat leftovers as soon as I enter the door. If I give you something to eat,heavy duty cantilever racks, you don't eat it. It's all meat. You can throw it away if you don't eat it. Wang Lanzhi said, "Because if I don't eat meat, I have to throw it away. It's OK if you like it. I didn't say I wanted to eat anything else. I just want to eat some soy beans. It's hard to make you say this big set of truth. Your grandmother will let me eat soy beans." The two mothers wouldn't let each other. The more they quarreled, the louder they made. The people next to them were dumbfounded, because this little thing was really not worth it. The new daughter-in-law was a cheerful person. After quarreling, she followed "Senior Three" to learn willow weaving. As if nothing had happened, she laughed and played with everyone as usual, without the coyness of the new daughter-in-law. The little old mother said, "I can't get over it. I can't cry at home. Second Daughter-in-law went to persuade her." His aunt, what kind of confusion are you doing? The child didn't say anything, and he is not that picky person. Why can't you get over this little thing. Wipe your face quickly and do what you should do, or others will see a joke. Today, my sister-in-law will invite my nephew's wife to dinner first, and we will go to my home tomorrow. When the child comes back in the afternoon, you should calm down and stop making trouble and make people laugh. The "little old mother" cried and said, "I don't know what's wrong with me. My brain is so hot that all the words go out. I'm used to making trouble with the villagers at ordinary times, and I don't have a door on my mouth. I also regret that I am looking forward to getting married, heavy duty cantilever racks ,heavy duty metal racks, and I am a good man. Sister-in-law, do you think the geomantic omen in my house is really bad? "Second Daughter-in-law hurriedly told her in a low voice," I dare not talk nonsense about that. It's a big deal to let people spread it. I'll be criticized. " As a result, when she went back in the afternoon, Wang Lanzhi took the initiative to call her mother and made the "little old mother" very happy. Three days later, the two of them quarreled again early in the morning. Little old mother "prepared a lot of things, Wang Lanzhi did not want to take.". Her sister-in-law was a miser, and she was only allowed to go in and out. She was afraid that if she left too many things behind, she would lose face, and she was embarrassed to say that her family was not good, so she had to say that she would not take them. The little old mother brought more things to show off, Wang Lanzhi was afraid of losing face, and the two mothers were stubborn again. They all had a quick temper, and soon their voices rose. "Senior Three" has become a rat in the bellows, suffering at both ends. Chapter 258 pleasant winter. After that, the two of them had a small quarrel every three days and a big quarrel every ten days. At first, there were still people trying to stop them. After a long time, they got used to it, and everyone was too lazy to pay attention to them. Fortunately, Wang Lanzhi's temperament is so lively that she forgets it in a twinkling of an eye. When she turns around, she shouts Niang and then shouts. She rushes to do the housework she should do. The little old mother was also worn out by her, and finally she was too lazy to quarrel with her.
Have to say, Wang Lanzhi is really a good kind, Liu Bian learned very quickly, housework is good, really not picky to eat and drink, but bad temper, ignition on the fire, but forgetful, twist face on the forget. People are also lively, no matter who they quarrel with, they take the initiative to talk to people, they don't hold grudges at all, and everyone likes her. Senior three "in front of her, obedient, where to hit." The little old mother scolded him behind his back: "You are a supercilious person. You married your wife and forgot your mother." Scolded urgently, "Gao Gao San" said: "Don't you think about it? Do you blame others? You and my grandmother can't come up, blame my grandmother, and this and daughter-in-law can't come up, or blame daughter-in-law. How can you go back to the right place?" The "little old mother" was so wronged that she secretly asked Second Daughter-in-law, "Second Sister-in-law, do you really blame me? I've given my heart to them. This is the only one. If there are two or three people, I will be partial to them. Why can't my mother come up there. In fact, it's no big deal. It's all in a hurry. The more we talk, the more we talk. Sometimes we quarrel, and we don't know why we quarrel. Second Daughter-in-law advised her, "Auntie, we're all in the same family. Why do you have to argue about right and wrong?". Can young people think the same as us? Just take a step back. You still don't accept my aunt's lesson. She has been fighting with you all her life. What happened in the end? Don't you regret it. You know this is the only one. Why can't you give in. In fact, you are ruined by this mouth. This is the stand of Lanzhi, the child has no intention, every time he takes the initiative to talk to you, if the stand is stubborn, ignoring you, that is really called suffocating. Reflecting on the past, the "little old mother" also regretted: "Sister-in-law,mobile racking systems, you are right. If you want to talk about my mother-in-law, that is, my mother and I have different tempers. She is really good to the children. She brought up all three children and lived and ate with her. She really did a lot for me.

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