The Truth About Polypropylene Woven Bags Packaging

The packaging is usually divided into two categories: one is to promote market sales and the other is to facilitate loading, unloading, storage, storage, and transportation purposes, called industrial packaging. This article will focus on packaging made from polypropylene-pp woven bags. This article first describes the concept of polypropylene woven bags, then outlines its advantages and uses, and then analyzes the dynamics and demands of the polypropylene woven bag market, and finally draws conclusions.

What is a polypropylene woven bag?

Polypropylene (PP) is a thermoplastic resin made by polymerizing propylene. Polypropylene woven bags also include copolymers of propylene and a small amount of ethylene. Polypropylene is usually a translucent colorless solid, odorless and non-toxic. Due to the regular structure and high crystallization of polypropylene, its melting point is as high as 167 ° C. Its finished products can be steam-sterilized is its outstanding advantage. Its density is 0.90g / cm3, which is the lightest general-purpose plastic. Its strength, rigidity, and transparency are better than polyethylene.

Pacific Bags Australia has a wide range of sizes of woven polypropylene bags. These bags are an excellent solution for packing 30-50 KG of dry material. These pouches are made from a woven polypropylene fabric that is strong and resistant to punctures. PP woven sachets are available in laminated or non-laminated forms depending on the material. This material is a commonly used material, which is a translucent material in polypropylene woven bags. When using this material, it will not produce any poisonous effect, and it will not have any odor. We can process pp into plastic woven bags, which are widely used in the packaging industry. When processing this material, woven bag manufacturers need to burn it to its melting point, 167 degrees Celsius, so it will have strong heat resistance when it is used later. Steam will also be used for disinfection so that all products will not be damaged during use. It is worth mentioning that the products made from pp have a very small density, so the product is very lightweight and more convenient for us to use. Moreover, the plastic woven bag made of this material also has high strength and corrosion resistance, so as a popular packaging product now, it is not only lightweight and durable but also can be recycled after use; it is truly a popular packaging product.

Advantages of polypropylene woven bag

#1. Heat resistance of polypropylene woven bags:

The heat resistance of polypropylene is stronger than that of polyethylene. Generally, the melting point of polypropylene is about 40% -50% higher than that of polyethylene, about 160-170 ° C, so the product can be sterilized at a temperature above 100 ° C. It does not deform at 150 ° C under the condition of no external force. Similarly, in the field of ordinary packaging bags, polyethylene packaging bags are more suitable for use below 90 ° C, while polypropylene packaging bags can also be used at relatively higher temperatures.

#2 Rigidity and tensile strength of polypropylene woven bags:

Polypropylene is mainly characterized by low density, better mechanical properties than polyethylene, and outstanding rigidity. For example, polypropylene has gradually started to compete with engineering plastics (PA / PC) and is widely used in Electronic appliances, automotive fields. In addition, polypropylene has high tensile strength and good bending resistance. It will not turn white when it is bent one million times, which also provides clues for us to identify polypropylene products, and also becomes a hidden mark for the recycling classification of products.

#3. After decades of development, polypropylene woven bags have undergone great changes in appearance, quality, and use.

In appearance, the pp woven bag woven with mixed-colour flat silk looks more beautiful and has a certain three-dimensional sense. In terms of quality, the quality of current pp woven bags is subject to national supervision, and the quality must meet the unified national standards before it can flow to the market. In terms of use, pp woven bags have been used not only for transportation of food and grain or construction of dams but also for shopping and shopping as a tote bag, which is more environmentally friendly. At the same time, some stores also use it as a packaging bag.

Conductive Jumbo Bag

Conductive jumbo bag is constructed from fabrics having inter-connected conductive threads. The bag’s material allows it to safely carry conductive material, such as flammable powders.

Anti-Static Bulk Bags

Anti-statics jumbo bag provides essential tools for transporting materials safely.

According to the Electrical Safety Foundation International, over 2,200 nonfatal electrical injuries took place across America in 2017. These injuries led to a median of 10 missed days of work for each affected employee. Additionally, 1,330 of these nonfatal electrical injuries resulted from shocks — just over 60% of the total.

To increase employee safety and reduce these losses in productivity, it’s important to prevent electrostatic discharge and shocks in the workplace. One way to do this is through the use of specialized bags called anti-static FIBCs.

Because of the protection these bags offer, the market for FIBCs is steadily increasing, currently growing at a 7.3% compound annual growth rate. More and more companies are turning to anti-static bulk bags for the comprehensive protection and peace of mind they offer.

Below, we will discuss different types of bulk bags in more detail and explain the benefits they offer in a variety of applications.

What Are Anti-Static Bulk Bags?

What are anti-static FIBCs, or anti-static bulk bags? They are large transport and storage bags that resist electrostatic charge. Their typical diameter when filled is 45 to 48 inches, which allows the bags to fit two across in a typical shipping container or truck. They are standardized containers and meet ISO standards.

Anti-static FIBCs incorporate additional design features to protect against the dangers that static electricity poses in the workplace. These special design features allow for the safe discharge of electrical charges. They do this either by conducting electricity to the ground through a grounding cable or dissipating the charge safely into the atmosphere.

Anti-static FIBCs are usually made of woven polyethylene or polypropylene, materials made from petroleum. Their strong loops allow employees to lift them with a loader hook. Employees can also transport the bags using forklifts and pallets.

Anti-static FIBCs are also customizable for different users. Features such as container height, spout diameter and length, whether the fabric is coated or uncoated and whether a polyethylene liner is necessary will vary with different users and applications.

What is an Automatic Bulk Bag Discharger?

An automatic bulk bag unloader station is a one-stop solution for potable water treatment, wastewater treatment, gas treatment, seawater desalination, and pulp and paper treatment. It is adapted to use with flexible containers of different volumes and provides for complete and automatic container discharge into a reception hopper with no subsequent product compaction. Big Bags can either be loaded with a crane, a forklift, or the crane integrated into the system depending on whether you’re using a standard or auto-load version of the Big Bag.

Which Industries Use the Bulk Bag Discharger Station?

There are quite a few industries that make use of this station the most, and they include:

? Wastewater treatment whereby lime is used for sludge stabilization to create a product that can be used on the land application in case of acidic soil. The sludge is stabilized to reduce its ferment ability and odors, reduce its volume by reduction of its water content, and kill pathogens.

? Incinerators of various waste, including households and hospitals. The gases produced contain different pollutants like dioxins and heavy metals, which must be treated with a reagent injection to reduce the content of pollutants to a legal level of emissions.

? Drinking water plants to remove pesticides, nitrates, cleaning agents, and other waste from the water to make it safe for human consumption.

? The pulp and paper industry to treat any wastewater produced before reusing or releasing it into the environment. Lime is also used in the process as a pigment to improve the quality of the paper.

? In the sugar industry, a preparation of lime milk is used to purify the cane juice so that the resulting product is free of impurities.

? In seawater treatment plants, lime is used in the process of reverse osmosis to adjust pH and remineralize the water before it can be consumed as freshwater.

What Options Does an Automatic Bulk Bag Discharger Station Have?

With an automatic bulk bag discharger station, you have the following operating options:

Isolation Diaphragm Valve

The diaphragm valve is used for the reusable bags with a spout. The aim is to block the powder after opening the node in order to avoid the dust emission while the operator open it.

Dust Collector

This is the device that will draw all dust and particulates through its filter. Release purified air and the dust can be emptied once the hopper in which it collects is full.

Big Bag Opening Knife

Big bag knife are used for non reusable big bag with flat bottom. Using this apparatus, you can stand at a safe distance from the bulk disposal bag while opening it. It increases safety as the big bag can be opened without the user having to have their arm under the suspended large bag.

Weighing Unit

This makes sure that the product always stays within the right limits and checks how much powder is remaining.

Autoload Station with Integrated Crane

The integrated crane allows for an extra option when loading the Big Bag so that if there is no crane or forklift available, operations can go on.

Benefits of Using Automatic Bulk Bag Discharger Station

When you use the automatic bulk bag discharger station from Sodimate, you get to experience the following benefits:

Suitable for Containers of up to 2T

The variety of sizes and suitability of using up to 2T container sizes means that you have a great likelihood of getting your needs met, whatever your industry or scale.

Easy to Use

The automated system makes it easy to operate once you have the basic instructions down. It is therefore easy to train operators, and you stand to save a lot of time getting things done.

Direct Dosing From Container

Handling is a lot safer and faster for the operator thanks to the direct dosing. This increases accuracy because the user has total control over the amount of product that is dispensed.

Total Big Bag Emptying

The fact that a single operator can run all operations makes it faster, and because of full compliance with health standards and regulations, it is very safe to run.

Optimized Dust Control

The dust control features improve cleanliness and thus, makes the area of operations safe for everyone by not releasing the particles in the air that can cause health issues when inhaled.

Efficiency and Safety

The automatic nature of this system coupled with the safety features makes it eligible for the future. It will help you save time and effort while getting the job done effectively so that you can process more products in a shorter time. The instructions for using it are clear and straightforward, and its flexibility avails plenty of options for use.

We provide several jumbo bag accessories and many types of bags, customers can choose according to their like.

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