Anhui Yongbang Paper plastic Products Co., Ltd. is an investment attracting enterprise of the Langya district government. It was established on April 22, 2020, with a registered capital of 20 million yuan. It is a private enterprise which is specializing in paper and plastic products processing and household paper selling. The company mainly deals in the production and processing of paper and plastic packaging products, providing and supporting production services for many well-known brand food enterprises. In addition, the household paper project and the brand "Yingliu" have formed a mature sales system. The products are sold in Shanghai, Hangzhou, and other first tier cities, and the quality of the products has been recognized by society.
鈼?Number of employees: 1000
鈼?Business model: Wholesale, online, and offline
鈼?Main products: household paper
鈼?Service field (product application industry): catering, family
鈼?Monthly output: 200 tons
鈼?Annual turnover: 50 million
鈼?Plant area: 13770m2
鈼?Annual export: 4000
Anhui Yongbang Paper-plastic Products Co., Ltd. is located in Chuzhou, which has the reputation of "Xing Jian Wu Chu, Qi Yue Huai Yang" and "Ru Feng Zhi Sheng, Su Guan Huai Dong". The specific address is No. 171, Bengbu Road, Langya District, Chuzhou City, Anhui Province (No. 1 Factory). It is registered in Chuzhou with registered capital. The main business items are paper products; plastics and granules, cultural and office supplies; Printing of packaging and printed matter; import and export of goods or technology; except for goods and technology prohibited and restricted by the country. we provide services for customers at the same time, promote the development of enterprise.
Anhui Yongbang Paper-plastic Products Co., Ltd. We insist on taking honesty as the foundation, treating people with honesty, and We insist on taking the technology as the first productivity.
If you are interested in our products or services, we are looking forward to your online message or telephone consultation. We will reply to you after receiving your information!
Factory introduction:
Anhui Yongbang Paper-plastic Products Co., Ltd., located in Langya District, Chuzhou City, Anhui Province, has its own production equipment, convenient transportation, quality and delivery time assurance. excellent quality, preferential prices, good reputation, products have been sold to the world. Quality is our life, reputation is our guarantee.
The office address of our processing factory is located in No.171 Bengbu Road, Langya District, Chuzhou City, Anhui Province (No.1 Factory). Since its establishment, the factory has developed rapidly and its business has been growing. Our factory mainly deals in the production, processing, sales, printing, packaging, etc; our company's strength, re-credit, keep the contract, to ensure product quality, has won the trust of customers with the principle of multi-variety management characteristics and small profits and quick turnover. The factory always adheres to the enterprise tenet of "honesty and truth-seeking, dedicated service, and only seeking satisfaction", and makes every effort to follow customers' needs, and constantly carries out product innovation and service improvement.
Series of products operated by the company:
The main business items are: paper products; plastics and granules; production of cultural and office supplies; processing; sales; printing of packaging and printed matter; printing of other printed matter; import and export of goods or technologies; except for commodities and Technologies Prohibited and restricted by the country
Household toilet paper, wipes, draw paper, roll paper, cotton wipes, disposable Kitchen towel, etc.
Kraft paper roll, copy paper, printing paper, wrapping paper roll, corrugated paper roll, wrapping paper, coated paper, paperboard, handbag, gift box, etc.
Product application scope:
1. Cultural paper, used in all kinds of printed publications, including newsprint, magazine paper, high-grade cultural paper.
2. Packaging paper, used in all kinds of packaging boxes and bags.
3. Daily life sanitary paper, used in daily life, such as home, travel
Qualification certificate:
AP: EU food-grade certification
FSC: forest sustainable development certification
FDA: US food-grade certification and so on
Production equipment:
鈼?1. Pulper
鈼?nbsp;2. Thruster
鈼?nbsp;3. Vibrating screen
鈼?nbsp;4. Washing machine
鈼?nbsp;5. Fine mill
鈼?nbsp;6. Blender
鈼?nbsp;7. Toilet paper rewinding and punching machine
鈼?nbsp;8. Paper cutter
鈼?nbsp;9. Sealing machine
鈼?nbsp;10. Separator
鈼?nbsp;11. Printing slotting machine
鈼?nbsp;12. Binding machine
鈼?nbsp;13. Watermark machine
鈼?nbsp;14. Nailing machine
鈼?nbsp;15. Gluing machine
Service Introduction:
Four advantages:
1. We are a supplier of independent brand production and a collection of wholesale bases of several paper mills, realizing the integration of production, marketing, and trade.
2. Complete equipment and high brand: the factory is equipped with a number of paper cutting, paper mounting, beer paper, rewinding, web gravure printing machines and drying equipment, which can carry out deep processing of various kinds of paper products according to customers' requirements, solve the problems of customers' purchasing efficiency and cost performance, and create "Yinliu" and other brands, which are deeply trusted by customers.
3. One-stop packaging paper supplier, good quality: provide all kinds of gray paperboard, black cardboard, white paperboard copy paper, and printing, etc., regular size spot wholesale, special specifications can be customized according to customer needs. The products have passed the strict inspection of professionals and passed a number of product quality certifications.
4. Marketing network: the marketing network is sound, and is exported to other provinces and even abroad, deeply trusted and praised by the majority of customers. The factory has passed quality management system certification and FSC forest certification, providing good quality and service guarantees for users at all levels!
Company advantages:
1.Direct sales
It has an automatic production line of composite paper mounting, automatic flat cutting, paper machine, and other automatic production equipment.
Standing stock, paper variety, complete specifications, stable supply.
2. Customized processing
Accurate size, a variety of processes to meet the special processing needs.
With composite drying, paper mounting, paper cutting, beer paper, and other manufacturing processes.
It has a full-time customization team, which can provide technical guidance and support customization according to user application scenarios, requirements, and sizes.
3 Quality control
The whole process control, through the FDA, FSC, and other testing standards.
The full-time quality management team strictly controls the links from raw materials, production, and processing, warehousing, and transportation, so as to meet the environmental protection needs of exporting to the EU.
4. Online service, no worry about after-sales
Pre-sales: online all day to solve problems and provide executable suggestions.
In sale: it has perfect supporting facilities for warehousing and logistics.
After-sales: regular after-sales visit.
Why choose us?
13770 square meters plant, daily output of more than 50 tons.
The professional product design team, real-time follow-up market trends, ensure several new products every month.
The brand can be authorized, quality assurance, factory through a number of qualification certification.
Product international certification includes FDA, AP, FSC, etc., with completion certificates.
Professional after-sales team, one-to-one solution, no worry about after-sales.
First-line brand agent processing experience, support OEM / ODM.
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