Stack Injection Mould
YI HITECH technical team can give you a complete solution to build a stack injection mould or tandem injection mould or other conventional plastic injection mould to ensure your project success. To create volume for you to avoid over-investment.
What is the stack injection mould?
Stack injection Mould is a series of conventional injection mould with more than 2 or more parting-line surface, Each level of parting line can produce same or different molded product. Stack injection mould is a powerful tool to enhance the plastic injection molding process. The definition of stack injection mould is in its name, which is stacks of two or more mold parting line faces, stacked together in parallel layers. When the stack injection mould opens for the ejection of parts, both mold parting surfaces open (in most cases simultaneously) by means of a mechanical connection between the mold center block, the fixed halves of the mold and the moving half of the mold. The mechanical connection moves the center block of the mold. Stack molds increase productivity by using a "stack" of multiple mold layers. Closing the plastic injection mold simultaneously closes all layers in the stack, molding all parts in all the layers. Using a stack molding concept, productivity can be increased two, three, or even four times in some cases. The tonnage required of the molding press does not increase with more layers. Planning for future expansion, a stack plastic injection mold may even be engineered and built to allow for adding layers to provide higher productivity.
Characterize of stack mould
鈥?Stack molds are most suitable for forming large flat parts, shallow-cavity shell parts, small multi-cavity thin-wall parts, and parts that need high volme production.
鈥?Clamping force is most than 1.2 to 1.5 times at most compare to single-layer mold
鈥?The modulus is increased by up to 1/3 compared to single-layer molds.
鈥?Cycle time is almost as same as single-layer molds, it only increased a little. But Efficiency can be increased or more compared with single-layer molds.
鈥?Mold cost is up to 2 times of single-layer mold
Design Considerations
鈻?After the mold is opened, the main nozzle should not come out of the guide sleeve. Pay attention to the reasonable setting of the length of the main nozzle and the mold opening stroke.
鈻?Need to check the maximum mold opening stroke and maximum plasticization amount of the injection molding machine.
鈻?The pre-molding efficiency of the injection device should be higher.
鈻?The injection rate is appropriately increased.
鈻?Injection Pressure is higher than single PL injection mould as more area that need full filled and long hot runner, the injection pressure get losing.
鈻?Clamping fore is 15% high than conventional single PL injection mould, as the setting of back to back plate.
鈻?Mould opening stroke is 2 times than single PL opening stroke.
鈻?Relationship between cavity arrangement and main nozzle
The benefit of stack injection mould
1. Increase output at same injection press
Stack injection mould increases yield capacity without increase in mold or machine size, it is adding a second parting line surface of layer of cavities parallel to the first parting line. The fill, pack and cooling time remain the same for a stack injection mold and only the mould open and close time will be increased slightly because the tool structure is more complex than before.
2. Reduced Part unit Price.
The part price is determined by the machine tonnage hour rate, which is directly related to the machine clamp force tonnage. A stack injection mould can be double or more increase injection machine output yield with given injection press and lower the cost of operation.
3. Stack injection mould will support multiple material injection allowing for a broad set of possibilities. Different materials such as hard/ soft combination or multi-color molding. Three level stack molds are not as common as two-level stack molds.
What the premise to make stack injection mould?
a. The part volume is big enough for sustain the tooling budget.
b. If parts with a large projected area can be considered to build a stack injection mould. Configuration.
c. High requirement of color difference during in different molded parts. As can use same injection press configuration at same time, which largely decrease risk of color deviation risk.
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