Of course, is not to see all, in the end, Cang Yao's pants she still did not let him take off, or, more or less, or will be a little embarrassed, Bai Yueran is thinking so. Volume 13 [726] Cang Yao's body is not very beautiful. Although the proportion of the body is very good and the muscles are strong, there are many scars left by training on the body. Injury, for the people of the White Gate, is a normal thing. Bai Yueran himself had seen many scars on his father's body. She once asked her father curiously how these injuries came about. Father just said lightly, some injuries are young because of young frivolous or white door things and hurt, and as for more scars, father did not mention a word. Those wounds are all dense, like the wounds cut by sharp weapons. Although many scars, because of the long time, have faded away, but it does not mean that there is no. Every time the mother looked at the wounds on her father's body, she would show a very complicated expression, not saying a word, but would gently touch the wounds on her father's body with her hand. At this time, my father would whisper to my mother,gold CIP machine, "These injuries are not painful at all, and I am very happy to have them." So she knew that her father's injuries were all related to her mother. A mother is everything to a father. My father looked at my mother's eyes, always so focused and wholehearted. And Chu Lv, looking at her eyes, is also somewhat like this. Although this vision, far from reaching the level of the father's vision of the mother, but let her some like such a vision. Bai Yueran suddenly to Chu Lv's body, also produces a trace of curiosity, his body,Carbon in Pulp, what will it be like, and his father and Yao are not the same body, will there be any scars? Or is it the kind of flower that has been carefully cared for and has no scars on its body? "Can you unbutton your shirt?" Bai Yueran opened his mouth and stuck his finger on the button at the collar of Chu Lv's shirt. His face was full of surprise, as if he had no idea that she would make such a request. If you don't want to, then forget it. She was about to withdraw her finger when he slammed her hand down. I'm not unwilling! He said hurriedly, afraid that it would be too late, and that the chance for her to be close to him would be lost. With a seductive blush on his face, he gazed at her. "I said I would listen to you, and I would do whatever you wanted me to do!" After saying this, he unbuttoned his shirt one by one. His fingers, because of nervousness and some slightly not sharp, at the same time, his face is also more red, the head slightly away, shy appearance, portable gold wash plant ,mineral flotation, is so lovely. By the time he had unbuttoned his uniform shirt completely, his face was red out of shape. The smooth chest, under the cover of the shirt, appeared in front of her. She ran her fingers over his collarbone and slowly worked her way down. All the way down, although the muscles on his body are not as strong as Cang Yao's, they are not as soft as a girl's. To the touch, his body did not seem to have any scars, and it felt very smooth. But think about it, he doesn't need to learn all kinds of survival skills like Cang Yao. With his birth, he should be pampered and held in the palm of his hand. How can he leave scars of all sizes on his body. Palm fingertips, is his tight body, she can even feel a trace of tremor, Bai Yueran looked at the eyes of Chu Lv. How nervous is he now?! What are you thinking? But even so, he stood like this, letting her hand touch him. Suddenly, he felt that his reaction was very interesting, but she wanted to see more of his reaction. Suddenly, the door of the classroom was opened, a classmate came in, after seeing the scene in the classroom, his face was full of surprise, then embarrassed tunnel, "I.." I forgot to take something, take it and go! With that, the other party quickly ran to the desk, took the forgotten things from the drawer, and hurried out of the classroom.
There was a silence in the classroom. Bai Yueran looked at himself and Chu Lv at the moment. It seemed that it was really easy for people to get the wrong idea. All right, it's almost finished anyway. Let's go back first. As for his other expressions, she could save them for later. With these words, Bai Yueran walked toward his desk, ready to get his schoolbag. Wait Chu Lu shouted behind her. Uh She turned her head and looked at him in puzzlement. Your shoelace has come undone. He said. Only then did she realize that the shoelace on her right foot had unraveled at some point. She was about to squat down and tie her shoelaces, but his body, one step faster than her, knelt on one knee in front of her, and his hands, which looked as white as jade, tied her shoelaces. If such an action is done by Cang Yao, she will not be surprised, because Cang Yao is her toy and will do everything for her, but. Chu Lv, the proud boy with a stronger sense of superiority than others, came to do such a thing for her, but let her heart suddenly mention that something seemed to be changing. After tying his shoelaces, Chu Lv did not stand up immediately, but looked up at Bai Yueran and said to her in a serious tone, "I can do this for you, too." Self-respect and arrogance are nothing in front of her. He once thought that he could not do this, but at this moment, it was so simple to do such a thing for her. ———— Bai Yueran left the classroom with Chu Lv, and they walked side by side to the school gate. Cang Yao's figure appeared at the school gate,gold shaking table, standing quietly, regardless of the amazing eyes of some passing girls on him. Bai Yueran knew in his heart that she ordered him to wait for her at the school gate, and he really carried it out. ore-magnetic-mining.com

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